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Access (gitlab icurrent Version) (Old instance, only accessible from inside the university or through the uni-vpn, will be closed on 20.06.2016)

Info: How to move data from gitlab to gitlab2

If you do not have an account, look here.

Creating and managing repositories

With GUI, a help-button is available after login

Adding students to git projects

  • If the student doesn't have an account at the department of computer science, a staff member has to create an account for the student: How to create accounts
  • The student will receive a mail and has to register himself at the git system. This registration is just the act of logging in once on the gitlab portal and is necessary because we use a community edition of gitlab which does not allow us to directly use ldap users inside.
  • Then, the staff member can add the student to the project: At the git project website on the left side: Settings -> Members -> New project member


For any question/bug report/upgrade wish/etc. concerning our central IT at CS, please write an email to the functional address Two of us (Fritz Kleemann and Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasan) are behind this address.

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