How to move data from gitlab to gitlab2

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How to move data from gitlab to gitlab2

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When creating a new project on gitlab2, enter the https-url of your project in field "Import project from -> Any repo by URL". Do not forget to add your authentication information to the URL, e.g. https://<USER>:<PASSWORD>

If your password or username contains characters which are not allowed in an URL, gitlab2 might show you an error message. In this case, just percent encode your password/username. One easy way to do this is to open your browser, fire up the developer tools and use the javascript console to encode it. Just enter
encodeURIComponent("blar?blubb>your password_here")
and you will get something along the lines of
which you can then use as your password/username.


Clone your wiki locally to your computer

 git clone

Push it to gitlab2

 cd <wiki pages>
 git push master


Try to use this tool: