Getting an account at the institute of computer science

Internal accounts

Internal accounts are for students or collaborators of the university.

  • All members (staff/student) of the institute of computer science or the institute of mathematics can obtain an account for central IT services.
  • Students and Staff of CS or Mathematics can create an account for themselves by just visiting the Get-Account page
  • Students or partners from within the university but not belonging to CS/Mathematics institute can also have an account for our services, but for this please be aware that the student/partner must already have a JMU account. A staff at CS/Mathematics must first log in on our user portal and can then create an account by clicking on the “Register another account” link. Here, please enter the JMU account-name of the student/partner and an email will be sent to the registered account of the JMU-account holder with a password link. This account will be linked to the staff who registered the account in the first place and will also be shown on the staff’s user page.

External accounts

External accounts refer to partners from outside of the university (JMU). Any staff of CS/Mathematics can register an account for an external partner through the user portal. This should be used with the following conditions:

  1. The user does not belong to JMUW,
  2. An email address corresponding to this account exists and is accessible and
  3. The email address is not already associated with an account at CS institute.