User portal


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  • Login with your username and the password you set after receiving the account creation email.
  • The personal data section is based on information contained in the university’s central system (ZVD) and cannot be modified.
  • On account creation, you are not a member of any group. To begin with, you can create a repository or an Nextcloud group.
    • As soon as a repository is created, a new group is also created for this repository and you can add/delete members to/from this group.
    • Nextcloud groups are basically groups that you create to share a certain folder with multiple users. This is only meant to make sharing easier among larger groups, for example, you can create a group containing all members of a chair.
  • SVN repositories support only key-based authentication. Every user has to upload her/his public-key and this can be managed through the user portal.
    • Nix based systems can use ssh-keygen to generate a keypair and on windows a tool like puttygen can be used. If using an external system like puttygen, please be aware that you will need an openssh-type private key for authentication.

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