The central IT services of the Institute of Computer Science provides the following services:

User management system

The user management system is based on the university’s system (ZVD) and is intrinsically linked to this data. All data (including usernames and contract-validity) except of passwords are synchronized from the central system. Since password hashes cannot be obtained from the ZVD due data-security issues, we have to ask users to set a password after account creation. For more information about managing your account, please click here.

Nextcloud - A dropbox alternative

The university forbids work/research related data to be saved outside of the campus. Therefore we host our own cloud-based storage system based on the open-source Nextcloud system to make data accessible from all your devices. All data here is saved inside the university’s campus. Data can be shared with all users of this system, you can even manage this with your own customised groups using the user portal.

Version control system SVN

SVN repositories are supported through key-based access. Key-management, repository creation, creating groups for repositories can all be managed using the user portal. For more information, see Using Using version control systems SVN.

Version control system GIT

GIT repositories are supported through out GitLab server. For more information, see Using version control systems GitLab.

Rocket.Chat - A Skype/Slack Alternative

We now host our own cloud-based Chat-Server based on the open-source Rocket.Chat system to make communication easier. All data here is saved inside the university’s campus. The service can be used by anyone who has an account with the central IT services of the Institute of CS. To access the chat service, please click here.